Windows XP Professional
NameWinXP Pro-SP3-17 DP’s OEM ( Final ) April.2014
Size3.19 GB
Created on2015-04-08 07:02:36
FilesWinXP Pro-SP3-17 DP’s OEM ( Final ) April.2014/WINXP PRO-SP3-17 DP’S-PLUS-Apr.8, 2014.docx (18.74 kB)
WinXP Pro-SP3-17 DP’s OEM ( Final ) April.2014/WinXPApr2014.iso (3.19 GB)


Windows XP Pro. SP3 OEM Updated to Apr.8, 2014 17 Driver Pacs, Branded
MULTI-OEM Windows XP Pro. 86/32Bit DVD with Extras
This disc is a MULTI-OEM XP DVD which when you insert into an OEM Computer which has got SLP 1 strings in its bios will get activated automatically. This method will pre-activate all name brands of pc's which have SLP 1 strings in their bios.
Format Hard disk and Install fresh copy of Windows Operating System.
This disc will install on all systems, but if you have a custom built system, you will need to provide your own license key. Burn ISO file @ 4x Speed. If your PC is a Name Brand i.e. Compaq, Dell or IBM etc. Windows will activate during installation and never ask you for a product key, and it will pass WGA, and be genuine.
This disk will take a little longer to load, mostly due the driver packs and the additional programs and presets. It will seem to be sit at the 23 minute mark for a while, but that is perfectly normal, just be patient.
Also at the end of the installation it will be slow while it sets everything up and cleans out unused files and drivers.
This disc should only require your input twice,
1. Owner: enter Owners Name
2. User: enter Users Name
Time Zone = (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Computer Name = MY-COMPUTER
Organization = 
Language = English (Canada)
Locale = English (Canada)
Keyboard = US
Workgroup = Workgroup
Updates through April 8, 2014
All Net Framework versions
Driver Packs
Mass Storage
Sound A
Sound B
Graphics A
Graphics B
Graphics C
Graphics Languages
Web Cam
Graphics PhysX
Desktop-Internet Explorer icon-Show
Desktop-My Computer icon-Show
Desktop-My Documents icon-Show
Desktop-Recycle Bin icon-Hide
Explorer-Classic Control Panel
Explorer-Disable shortcut arrow
Explorer-Show extensions of known file-types
Explorer-Show hidden files and folders
Explorer-Show protected operating system files
Explorer-Show Status bar in all windows
Internet Explorer-Set Homepage-www.google.com
Internet Explorer-Set Internet Explorer to accept 10 connects at a time
My Computer-Add Control Panel
My Computer-Add Device Manager to Context Menu
Performance-Use Windows classic folders / No Tasks Side panel
Start Menu-Clear most recently opened documents list on logoff
Start Menu-Control Panel-Display as a link
Start Menu-My Computer-Display as a link
Start Menu-My Documents-Display as a link
Start Menu-My Music-Display as a link
Disabled highlighting newly installed programs
Start Menu-My Network Places-Don't display this item
Start Menu-My Pictures-Display as a link
Start Menu-Network Connections-Display as Connect to menu
Start Menu-Number of programs on Start menu-6
Start Menu-Printers and Faxes-Display as a link
Start Menu-Use small icons in Start Panel
Taskbar-Disable Balloon Tips
Taskbar-Disable Group similar Taskbar buttons
Taskbar-Disable Hide inactive icons
Taskbar-Disable Language-Bar
Taskbar-Lock the Taskbar-Yes
Taskbar-Disabled Windows Search
Preinstalled 3rd party applications.

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