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NameWindows 8.1 AIO 54in1 with Update x86 en-US Dec2014 FINAL v2
Size7.00 GB
Created on2015-01-07 20:16:23
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**This will not fit on a single-layer DVDR**
-Use a Dual-Layer DVDR, BluRay, or 8+GB UFD

murphy78 presents Windows 8.1 AIO 54in1 x86 with Update Dec2014 v2
This image contains Windows Updates current to Jan7-2015
This is my final month for my AIO/Office releases

No Windows 8.1 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Registry Settings were modified.
No Unattended Settings were added to the ISO.

32-bit RTM Sources:

These RTM Sources are 9600.17031 April02-2014 version
There is no Dec15 CC Single Lang release to work with.

Installation Indexes:
Windows 8.1 (Core) / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 (Core) N / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 (Core) Single Language / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Core Connected (with Bing) / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro N / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro VL / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro N VL / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro WMC / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Enterprise / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows 8.1 Enterprise N / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated
Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Enterprise / OEM / KMS/OEM-Activated

Release File: Win81AIO_With_Update-54in1-x86-en-US-Dec2014-FINAL-v2.iso
Size: 6.51 GB
SHA-1: 442AB71DAD3A85C079414613F0396D798A4955D2

Language: en-US (English – United States)

Servicing Stack Update:

Added updates:
KB2894856-v2, KB2899189, KB2920189, KB2954879-v2, KB2958262, KB2961072,
KB2962140, KB2965142, KB2967917, KB2971203, KB2976536, KB2976627,
KB2977765, KB2978041, KB2978126, KB2979576, KB2989930, KB2990967,
KB2994290, KB2998174, KB3002885, KB3004394, KB3008923, KB3008925,
KB3011780, KB3013126, KB3013410, KB3013769, KB3013816, KB3018943,
KB3025390, KB2934018, KB2959977, KB2955164, KB2965500, KB2962409,
KB2980654, KB2975719, KB2979582, KB2990532, KB2993100, KB2993651,
KB2977174, KB2984006, KB2994897, KB2995004, KB2995518, KB2995388,
KB2996799-v2, KB3000850, KB3003057, KB3014442, KB3003667

NetFx3 updates:
KB2894852-v2, KB2966826, KB2966828, KB2968296, KB2972103-v2, KB2972213,
KB2973114, KB2978122, KB2979573

Pro-Ent-Only update:

ProWMC-Only updates:
KB2973201, KB2978742

Embedded-Only update:

Oobe.cmd phase (OEM and OEM-Activated indexes only):
Detects motherboard and installs appropriate manufacturer graphics to
User default picture, pc-info logo, desktop background wallpaper, and
possibly a few more screens. Unused graphics and files are deleted
after the detection and copy phase.

SetupComplete.cmd phase (Pre-Activated indexes only):
Defender exclusion key for AutoKMS
Warning.vbs short 8s non-genuine notification
AutoKMS activation

Tools used:
dism for Image Exports
oscdimg for ISO mastering
Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 8.1
Added Info folder to Windows Setup dir to annoy credit theives
murphy78 diskpart/apply script v1.2.6
The_Guardian Jan5-2015 oem project

-Fully sysprepped images for smaller install footprints
-NetFx 2-3.5.1 added to integration
-DaRT 8.1 integrated into boot.wim and winre.wim recovery options.
-Diskpart/apply script with recovery image and multi-boot support v1.2.6*
*To access, press shift-f10 during boot-setup and type: “MENU”
-UEFI and normal BIOS booting support.*
*UEFI booting on 32-bit systems only for x86 version. It will not boot
with UEFI on a 64-bit processor.

-EI.CFG is present. *You will need to extract the iso and delete this
file to upgrade from a previous version of Windows*. You will also want to
allow setup to download updates during upgrade process. You use the key
appropriate to the index you wish to install in the txt file I provided.
Then, after setup, you change your key to whatever you wish and activate.

Recent Changes:
-Learned how to count to 54 (overshot by 4).
-Reverted to offline integration (I didn’t want to risk having errors in
the CBS again, so I went with what I do best.)
-Used newer version of OEM multi-branding activation that attempts
compatibility with UEFI by using scripting, so users selecting OEM indexes
will be able to install directly.
-Added NetFx3 and associated updates
-Added ProfessionalStudent and CoreConnectedSingleLanguage editions*
*Prostudent wouldn’t activate with the AutoKMS activator using the
generated gVLK. Real servers still activate it, but I’ve left it in
the integration for folks with legit activation.

FINAL note:
-I know you guys love the AIO/Office releases, but I’m tired of doing the huge
AIO versions. They take sometimes a week or more to get right and it’s just
not worth the hassle. I will likely do single-index releases of Enterprise,
but that’s it. If you want to do AIO versions like this, feel free to do
them yourselves. If you’re talented at them, drop me a line at MDL and I’ll
give people your name since I have a lot of people talk to me about them.
-Previous FINAL version should not be used. I can only suggest not using it
and to re-install using this version if you have. There doesn’t seem to be
any way to repair the installation. The v1 likely won’t hurt your system,
but it will probably break certain future updates you try to install.

Pro-Tip to convert split-wim to normal wim for easy modifications:
for /l %x in (1,1,54) do (dism /export-image
/swmfile:c:\win81dist\sources\install*.swm /sourceindex:%x
/destinationimagefile:c: emp\install.wim)

Use %%x if scripted, %x if normal cmd prompt.

Split-wim is on purpose to allow UEFI installs with a USB Flash drive.


Windows 8.1 AIO 54in1 with Update x86 en-US Dec2014 FINAL v2
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│── README-8.1-AIO-x86-Dec2014.txt (6.52 kB)
│── Win81-pkeys.txt (1.51 kB)
└─ Win81AIO_With_Update-54in1-x86-en-US-Dec2014-FINAL-v2.iso (7.00 GB)

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