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Horizon is a tool that will certainly come in handy for Xbox 360 users who want to mod their profile as well as a very large number of games. With it you are able to easily unlock game achievements, give yourself max gold, infinite ammo and stuff like that.
Easy to install and use by anyone

Horizon is that kind of tool which won’t give you a headache when you want to use it. It installs in a couple of seconds and when launched, it greets you with an intuitive graphical user interface which makes the app pretty much self explanatory.

The main window consists of multiple tabs from where you can access game modders, profile mods and various tools. Although, before you can actually use the application, you need to create an account for the service and have Xbox 360 profile and game data on a USB which you connect to your computer.
Mod just about any popular game in a few clicks

In most cases you’ll be using this tool to increase your bank with gold or what ever resources the game requires, as well as unlock all available items, achievements and so on. Each game has a specific set of parameters you can modify and since you’re already playing that game it’s impossible to not be able to figure out what you need, especially since you can max anything with just a click.

Apart from in-game stuff, Horizon enables you to apply modifications to your profile. With this tool you get an account editor, achievement unlocker, avatar award unlocker and a profile data editor. Helping documentation is rather scarce but for some games you do get an ‘Instructions’ section which helps but it’s best you visit the Horizon’s forum for more information.
A great modding tool

On a closing note, Horizon is a really good tool to have if you want to mod Xbox 360 games in a simple and fast manner but you do need to be a bit careful with some aspects. For example, modding your profile information might leave you with a bit of a suspension.

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