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NameRedFox CloneBD v1.1.1.0
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Name: CloneBD 
Released: December 19th, 2016
Developer: RedFox
OS Version: Windows XP  •  Windows XP 64 bit  •  Windows Vista  •  Windows Vista 64 bit  •  Windows 7  •  Windows 7 64 bit  •  Windows 8  •  Windows 8 64 bit  •  Windows 10  •  Windows 10 64 bit
Web Site: https://forum.redfox.bz/download/
A user-friendly software solution that helps you clone your unprotected Blu-ray movies to a blank disc or to a file on your computer
Blu-ray discs have become popular among movie enthusiasts mostly due to the large storing space they provide, which means they can support larger resolutions than the ones previously supported by DVDs or CDs.
When it comes to creating backups or cloning the said discs, a specialized software utility is required, such as CloneBD.
Clone Blu-ray discs, ISOs or folders
The interface is as straightforward as it gets, since it is organized as a wizard that guides users through all the steps required to successfully copy their Blu-ray movie to another location.
CloneBD supports not only Blu-ray discs, but also ISO images and Blu-ray folders, yet it needs to be emphasized that only unprotected discs can be processed by the app. Once the source has been loaded, you can explore its contents, view its total duration of the movie and its label.
Convert Blu-ray movies to other formats
Not only can you rip entire Blu-ray movies to other discs, but you can also extract your preferred parts and convert them to other formats.
More exactly, CloneBD supports a wide range of output formats, depending on the device you want to play the resulting video on. For example, you can convert the source video to formats supported by Windows players (such as MP4 or MKV), by mobile phones, tablets or even e-book readers.
Copy Blu-ray videos and multiple subtitles in a single go
Once you have chosen the target format, you can proceed to selecting the video(s) you are interested in, along with the subtitles and audio languages you need. If you are not sure about the segment you selected, you can play it within CloneBD and trim it according to your preferences.
All in all, CloneBD is a feature-packed software solution that you can rely on whenever you want to clone or backup your preferred Blu-ray movie to other discs or to a format that is supported by your mobile phone.
What's new in CloneBD
December 19th, 2016
・Fix: NTSC playback
・Fix: Intel VC-1 decoder didn't handle repeat frames correcty
・New: add additional tool-tip width video info for titles (fps, codec details)
・Fix: clear subtitles when seeking or switching languages in preview player
・Fix: problems with inverse telecine (mostly 480p)
・Change: multiple instances of CloneBD now only block usage of an already opened drive, if it is a "slow drive" (e.g. actual disc drive, not Virtual Clone Drive)
・Change: suppress cinavia detection when preview player is running full-screen
・Fix: transcode aborted when audio was delayed too much
・Improved: Ensure seek time lies within intime/outtime of a clip
・Fix: occasional on-exit crash during cleanup
・Fix: memory leak in AMD decoder
・fix: potential crash when logging x264 information
・fix: add global header for MKV container with HEVC (PowerDVD wouldn't play otherwise)
・change: nVidia accelerated HEVC encoding now ignores the quality setting and always encodes at highest quality
・the high performance profile resulted in choppy playback on PowerDVD)
・fix: another tweak for the badly authored discs
・minor fixes and improvements
・updated languages



RedFox CloneBD v1.1.1.0
│── Patch
│   └─ CloneBD 1.x.x.x-Cerberus.exe (754.7 kB)
│── Redfox CloneBD.v1.1.1.0.nfo (1.49 kB)
│── SetupCloneBD1110RedFox.exe (34.29 MB)
└─ Torrent downloaded from www.DNoid.me - Demonoid.txt (0.06 kB)

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