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NameApowersoft Screen Capture Pro 1.3.2 (Build 04/20/2017) Multilingual
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Created on2017-04-22 13:29:10
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Name: Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro
Version: 1.3.2 (Build 04/20/2017)
Languages: Multilingual
Web Site: http://www.apowersoft.com
Screenshotshave always been a part of our daily routine, because with them we havethe opportunity to instantly record our endeavors and trifles. It'salso a liable means for sharing the passion and experience that we haveonline and offline with other people. That is exactly what ApowersoftScreen Capture Pro will allow you to do. It also provides bestpossibilities like ease of use, great editing options and a free cloudstorage that you can hardly find anywhere on internet.
Main Features:
- Intelligible and Elegant Ribbon Interface
- Capture anything on screen
- Abundant capture modes for all needs
- Simple and advanced Ways for editing images
- Share Images to social networks in one click
- Free cloud storage for all users
- Robust Task Scheduler for Capture Screen
Elegant and Friendly Interface
Thanksto the great ribbon interface, you are enabled to quickly access thefeatures included in the application at your own convenience. Be itquick snapshot, advanced mode or settings, Apowersoft Screen Capture Proallows you to utilize all of these through the stunning and reliableinterface. Working with it will definitely make you have a high moraleand become more productive.
Screenshot Anything Displayed on Screen
Thereare different situations in which you want to take a screenshot,sometimes you want to capture a single window, other times you need totake screenshots for web pages or for webcams, and you may also need toselect the capture area on your own. Moreover, there’s the fact that youneed to capture screenshots on multiple devices as well. This toolprovides you with the unique opportunity to do all of these and muchmore.
Multiple Capture Modes to Choose from
Having differentcapture modes is essential for any user who wants to make a screenshot,and the application comes with just about every capture mode that youcan imagine. From polygon to window, full-screen and free hand, there’s awide range of options that you can take full advantage of. You can evenset delay in capture to trigger the snapshot at a certain timeautomatically.
Built-in Simple and Advanced Image Editors
Uponcreating a snapshot, no matter you need to perform multiplemodifications, addannotations or just bring some effects, this professional screenshottool will help you do that and even more. Thanks to the instant editingsidebars and advanced editing panel, you will have no problem gettingthe best results without wasting a lot of time in the editing room.Instead, all edits are done quickly and seamlessly without any hassle.
Share Images Online in One-click
Havingthe ability to take screenshots and edit them is very neat, but weusually take snapshots for sharing with others. This is the main reasonwhy the application comes with an integrated social sharing set ofbuttons, so if you do want to share the images with friends, you will beable to work it out within a few clicks. The whole sharing processcomes seamless in screen capture that you will fancy sharing the joy ofsnapshots.
Free Cloud Storage with No Registration Required
Allusers that get the application will be able to have their imagesuploaded in the cloud. Even if you remove images by mistake, you willstill have them in cloud and can retrieve them at any time. This utterlyfree feature was added to provide everyone with all the necessaryconvenience in regards to handling files. What's more, there's no needto register or subscribe – you can use the free storage right away.
Create Schedule Tasks for Taking Screenshot
Youdon't have the time to take as many snapshots as you wish? Or do youneed to capture a screen during your absence? Then the screenshotscheduler gives you the best option in this regard. Just take a shortwhile to configure the time for activating the snapshot, and then youcan rest assured and leave the other things for the program. It can alsobe used to surveil your computer in the background.

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