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Name: Total Commander 
Version: 9.0a
Released: January 23rd, 2017
Developer: Christian Ghisler
OS Version: Windows All
Web Site: http://www.ghisler.com/
Replace your default method of file browsing and management with this powerful environment fitted with dual-pane navigation, and tons of operations
Most activities nowadays involve using a computer somewhere along the way, while others completely depend on it. Having to work with a lot of files can be a pain, especially when time plays an important role. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications such as Total Commander, file management becomes a walk in the park.
Customize the way files are displayed
The main window features a simple, classic design that poses no accommodation problems. By default, you gain access to two file explorers that display elements in a detailed view. You can change how files and folders are displayed, as well as further enhancing accessibility by enabling a tree explorer.
You are given the possibility to run multiple instances of the application in order to allow fast and efficient manipulation of files. You can easily edit, copy, move, delete files, as well as create new folders or enable synchronization.
Keep important files safe
In addition to basic management, the application comes equipped with a few extra tools. You can take advantage of an integrated archiver in order to protect your files, but the setting panel lets you define external programs for archiving as well. For even more security, files can also be split into multiple parts and later on combined, or even have them encoded using various algorithms.
Make it suit your style and needs
Customization is also available, with the possibility to have the upper toolbar fitted only with functions you frequently use. Moreover, you can add shortcuts to external applications, notepad being added by default in case you quickly need to write something down.
An integrated, powerful search engine
In case you simply can't spot the desired file, an integrated search engine is sure to fetch it. A small window is brought up with settings the let you fully configure search criteria. You can issue a simple process by specifying name and location, or snoop through advanced settings or even previous search sessions.
In conclusion
To sum it up, Total Commander is by far one of the best file managers out there. The only experience needed before using the application is pure basic computer navigation knowledge, being accessible to beginners and experts alike. It barely takes up any resources, providing all you ask for in return.
What's new in Total Commander 9.0a
December 14th, 2016
・Fixed: Mapped USB drives or network drives added after starting TC would show up with internal icon/as disconnected when using Explorer icons and no drive buttonbar
・Fixed: Network Neighborhood: Entries which appeared with a delay were sometimes shown as files, not folders
・Fixed: Standalone install64.exe ignored UserName= line in install.inf when auto-installing. Furthermore, the line userforicons= was unused
・Fixed: Clear pending numeric coprocessor exceptions also before dispatching Windows messages to reduce problems with C/C++ plugins and extensions
・Fixed: Unpack files with forbidden characters ?*| also from 7zip and rar archives, partial support for packer plugins too
・Fixed: Disabled the fix "Support invalid ZIP archives with UTF-8-encoded names but missing UTF-8 flag (created by Dropbox)" on systems with double byte charsets like Chinese, because some valid Chinese double byte characters would be detected as UTF-8
・Fixed: Alt+F5 re-pack files from within an archive, no target path given (e.g. rar:newfile.rar) -> archive was created in TEMP dir, need to insert current directory
・Fixed: Lister (F3): Search for regular expressions in UTF-8 and UTF-16 modes didn't handle backslashes correctly, had to enter \ instead of \ to find a single backslash
・Fixed: Auto switch mode: sort order was lost when restarting TC while in an archive, and view mode of parent directory had sort order set to "unchanged"
・Fixed: Reduced flickering when pressing ESC while not in command line
・Fixed: Quick filter: Filter icon was drawn 1 pixel too high, separator line was overdrawn
・Fixed: Brief view, select all, select nothing, select all -> total number of files was no longer shown in footer
・Fixed: In rare cases, TC may start with empy file panels. To fix, add to wincmd.ini [Configuration] FixEmptyPanel=1


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