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Name: Root Genius
Version: 1.8.7   
OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-Bit/64-Bit)
Rooting a smartphone provides several benefits to the owner, such as the ability to uninstall unwanted stock apps, speed up the system by managing auto-runs and personalize the device by flashing custom ROMs. However, rooting is a technical process that requires advanced skills. Thankfully, Root Genius simplifies the process for Android device users.
The rooting tool is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets, and you do not even have to install it on your computer. It is a portable application you run directly from the folder where you save it.
Root Genius automatically detects a connected Android device, and the program will let you know whether the connected device is rooted or not. Once the tool detects your device and you have accepted the user agreement, click the "Root it" button to start the process. It will display a progress bar showing you the percentage of completed process.
Once it completes the process, the rooted device will reboot automatically. If you want to confirm whether the rooting process has been successful, then check under Apps to see whether "Kinguser" is installed.
The tool makes it easy for any computer user to root any Android device. All it takes is connecting the device to be rooted and clicking a button. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can do it, even a child.



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