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NameProcessThreadsView 1.26 x86 x64
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Created on2016-12-18 09:32:10
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Name: ProcessThreadsView 
Version: 1.26
Released: December 12th, 2016
Developer: Nir Sofer
OS Version: Windows 2K  •  Windows XP  •  Windows Vista  •  Windows Vista 64 bit  •  Windows 7  •  Windows 7 64 bit  •  Windows 10  •  Windows 10 64 bit
Web Site: http://www.nirsoft.net/
Small-sized, portable and free software program that displays extensive information about all threads of the process that you choose
ProcessThreadsView is a small-sized and portable piece of software that you can use to monitor the threads of a running process. It comprises basic options that can be easily handled by all user categories.
Portability advantages
Since installation is not required, you can drop the program files in any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to run.
There is also the possibility to save ProcessThreadsView to a USB flash disk or other removable storage unit, in order to run it on any PC with minimum effort and no prior installers.
Worth mentioning is that the tool does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving the disk clean after removal.
Clean and simple GUI
The interface is represented by a single window with a neatly organized layout, where you can get started by selecting the process you want to monitor.
View and save thread details
Revealed information includes the thread number, context and last context switches, status, base and dynamic priority, and so on. One or more selected entries can be either copied to the Clipboard or exported to TXT, HTML, CSV or XML format for further evaluation.
Suspend and resume threads
It is also possible to suspend and resume selected threads, use a search function to locate specific items in the list, create an icon in the system tray area for easily accessing ProcessThreadsView, and so on.
The app has minimal impact on computer performance, running on low CPU and RAM. It did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs in our tests. When it comes down to it, ProcessThreadsView offers a simple solution to viewing a process' threads and suspending them.
What's new in ProcessThreadsView 1.26
December 12th, 2016
・Added 'Save All Items' menu item.



ProcessThreadsView 1.26 x86 x64
│── Portable x64
│   │── ProcessThreadsView.chm (57.37 kB)
│   │── ProcessThreadsView_lng.ini (3.48 kB)
│   │── SProcessThreadsView64.exe (2.53 MB)
│   └─ readme.txt (5.55 kB)
│── Portable x86
│   │── ProcessThreadsView.cfg (0.70 kB)
│   │── ProcessThreadsView.chm (57.37 kB)
│   │── ProcessThreadsView_lng.ini (3.48 kB)
│   │── SProcessThreadsView86.exe (2.51 MB)
│   └─ readme.txt (5.55 kB)
│── ProcessThreadsView 1.26 x86 x64[walibi206].nfo (2.16 kB)
└─ Torrent downloaded from www.DNoid.me - Demonoid.txt (0.06 kB)

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