Name bootstrap.dat
Size 22.57 GB
Created on 2014-08-24 03:57:26
Hash 36719ba2cecf9f3bd7c5abfb7a88e939611b536c
Files bootstrap.dat (22.57 GB)


Windows, linux, Mac
1. Download the bootstrap.dat torrent
2. Assuming you have already installed the Bitcoin QT wallet… Make sure it is shut down.
3. Drop, copy or move the bootstrap.dat file into the Bitcoin data directory as follows:
**For Windows users:**
Open explorer, and type into the address bar:
This will open up the data folder.
Copy over the bootstrap.dat from your download folder to this directory.
**For OSX users:**
Open Finder by pressing Press [shift] + [cmd] + [g] and enter:
~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/
**For Linux users:**
The directory is hidden in your User folder. Go to:
**If you installed the wallet to a usb flash drive just just put the bootstrap.dat file into the Bitcoin data folder on the flash drive right along-side the other data folders and files. You are NOT “replacing” any file(s). When the Program starts, it will check this folder for a bootstrap file by default. If it is there, it will just start importing when you start the program.
4. Importing the blockchain.
Now start the Bitcoin client software.
It should show “Importing blocks from disk”
Wait until the import finishes. This will take some time, several hours.
5. The client will download the last days not covered by the import.
Congratulations you have successfully imported the blockchain!

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