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Name SPC Plugins Gater-Pro v4.0-d33p57a7u5
Size 1.38 MB
Created on 2015-11-06 19:35:16
Hash 83ce2d97ff40f1d04633fcafefa8eda1bc7e7b96
Files SPC Plugins Gater-Pro v4.0-d33p57a7u5/SPC Plugins Gater-Pro v4.0-d33p57a7u5.rar (1.37 MB)
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SPC Plugins Gater-Pro v4.0-d33p57a7u5
URL.......: http://www.spcplugins.com
variable gate shapes and switchable rate. The gate width can
be reduced to 0 % to cut the sound completely or increased to
100 % to cut the gating completely.
• Stereo gate patterns with 16 steps or "linked" gate patterns
with 32 steps.
• Tied gates with 2 different modes, FILL or STRETCH.
• Three adjustable gate shapes: gate, ramp and trapezoid.
Gate width variable from 0-100%; ramp variable from falling to
rising; trapezoid variable from gate to triangle.
• Swing -99% to +99%. Greater control resolution around zero.
• Thirteen rates, including bypass (for cutting the effect in and
out with one control).
• Mix.
• MIDI controller learn.
• "Freewheel": gate pattern continues if host sequencer stops.
• Genuine 64-bit audio processing. SSE-enabled. Any sample rate.
New smoothing algorithm.
Minimum system requirements: 
Windows 32/64 bit.
VST 2.4 host program, SSE-enabled CPU, Windows XP or newer. 
1) Unrar 
2) Install.
3) Use a very boring serial
4) Its advised to have the DAW blocked in firewall• Thats it! Done.
• Supp0rt th3 D3v3lop3r if you liK3 it.

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