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AmpliTube 3 is the world’s leading Guitar and Bass tone creation software. Period. No other software product in the music industry even comes close to the selection, performance and overall sonic accuracy when it comes to creating guitar and bass tones with a computer. Now, that’s a mighty big mouthful of brag, but a wise old country gentleman once told me, “Hey, it ain’t bragging if it’s true.” Here’s how we back it up…

More Gear: Strength in Numbers

AmpliTube 3 has the largest selection of gear available, and our development team is continuously building upon that selection. In the complete AmpliTube 3 flagship full version, there are 160 individual pieces of gear to choose from. Plus, you can add other packages to the mix like AmpliTube Fender™, Ampeg® SVX and more and choose from over 230 pieces of gear. Mind blowing.

Sonic Accuracy: It’s a matter of Trust

While 230 pieces of gear may sound impressive, the most impressive thing is the sound of those 230 pieces of gear. Our patented technologies allow us to create the most realistic sounding models on the planet — so realistic in fact that the worlds leading manufacturers of amplifiers and stompboxes choose us to create digital models of their gear that bare their name. We’re talking iconic, world-class brands Fender, Ampeg, Orange, Soldano, Semyour Duncan, T-Rex, Jet City and more, that have exclusively teamed up with IK to offer an ultra-accurate reproduction of their gear for the AmpliTube range.

Infinite Expansion: The Custom Shop

AmpliTube 3 is the only guitar and bass tone software that gives you the ability to add gear to your virtual collection one piece at a time. This is our Custom Shop feature and it’s truly visionary because now you can buy only the gear you want or need. And we’re constantly adding new gear to the mix with more hardware manufacturers partnering with us to bring their gear to your virtual world. Pretty awesome when you think about it — just like shopping at your music store, but you get to try the gear for 2 days before you buy it, and there’s no sales guy pressuring you.

Guitarist • Bassist • Producer • Engineer

Whatever your specialty, you’ll find AmpliTube an extremely valuable and flexible tool, expanding your creative palette with some of the world’s most sought after gear. AmpliTube 3 can be used as a sophisticated multi-effects processor in its standalone version that you can integrate into your live rig thanks to its instantaneous preset switching. AmpliTube is also a plug-in for your DAW for live tracking or re-amping guitar and bass tracks, or for having an arsenal of vintage and modern effects to apply also on synthesizers and instruments, vocals, drum tracks and more.

Specs – AmpliTube 3

Industry-standard sound with DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) and VRM™ (Volumetric Response Modeling) technologies offer the most realistic emulation of real world gear and the best sounding models
Perfect as a plug-in for studio recording and mixing in any Mac/Win DAW, native compatibility with 64-bit applications and operating systems
Also perfect for live performance thanks to the standalone version with instant preset switching
Highest supported Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
DAW automation and BPM synchronization
5 separate modules
Rig of up to 12 stomps, 2 Amp heads + 2 Cabs + 2 x double mics and 8 rack effects can be configured in up to 8 serial/parallel configurations
Two movable microphones allow you to mic the cabinet exactly like in real world studio and live environment
Stereo signal path makes it suitable for any type of instrument including drums, keyboards, vocals and more
Massive database of presets with multiple guitar and bass oriented tags and keywords, advanced search function, rig visualization and more plus free online sharing service for user presets called “Preset XChange”
Perfect integration with IK’s range of audio interfaces and controllers such as StealthPlug, SteathPedal, StealthBoard and StompIO allows for instant recording and performing in the studio or on stage with full programming at the software level
4-track built-in multitrack recorder with DAW-like features enables you to quickly capture ideas or even record a small band in the standalone application without the need to open a DAW and with the convenience of AmpliTube superior quality audio processing
Imports any Wav, Aiff, sd2, Apple Caf, Flac, MP3 audio file (Standalone version)
SpeedTrainer for speeding up/slowing down imported tracks without affecting the pitch – the perfect tool for practicing and improving your instrument skills or learning your favorite riffs and solos (standalone version)


Changes from version 3.7.1:

– New Officially approved gear models from Slash
– Marshallr available in Custom Shop:
– AFD 100 (Amplifier)

– JCM Slash (Amplifier)

– 1960 AV SL (Cabinet)

– 1960 BV SL (Cabinet)

– New Officially approved gear models from Slash available in Custom Shop:
– X-Chorus (Pedal)

– /Delay (Pedal)
– WahDist (Pedal)

– Gate (Pedal)
– Booster (Pedal)

– OctoBlue (Pedal)

– Fixed an issue that was corrupting the Fender Compressor model (Stomp and Rack)

– Fixed an issue on the DComp model (Stomp)

– Fixed an issue on the Fender Tape-Echo model (Stomp and Rack)
– General Reliability improvements

See ReadMe.txt inside torrent for installation guide


IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3 v3.8b Registered (32bit & 64bit Windows)
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