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Name BB2016.438
Size 744.4 MB
Created on 2016-09-20 17:49:53
Hash 8478a209fc5da87e93649d58a0f93addb428e4ae
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Band-in-a-Box with RealBand 2016 for Windows
There are many exciting new features in Band-in-a-Box 2016! StylePicker redesigned and enhanced with many new features including sizable window, columns sort, selectable font size, 4-bar preview of the current song, and more. Intelligent Style Suggestion: Type the name of a familiar song title in the StylePicker and Band-in-a-Box will list styles whose genre, feel and tempo are similar to that song! The Chord Sheet is enhanced with a new look, feel, and customization. Audio Edit Window is improved, with easier zooming and more. Import Audio feature improved. New menu command to convert audio track type (stereo/ mono) added. Load and Save MusicXML files. New menu layout: Each menu is simplified with more submenus. Automatic track names now include a number if there are 2 tracks with the same name.Yellow hints over the one-letter track buttons in various windows show detailed information of the track name and other data. Guitar Window improved, with dynamic resizing of the fretboard and Guitar Capo support. Export Lists of Styles, RealTracks or RealDrums. Log of messages enhanced, recording more message types. Style demos redone with even volumes. Download Manager to automate download of Band-in-a-Box add-ons in background, accessible from inside the program. Setting the "Track Type" to bass now shows bass clef with tab. RealTracks pushes now happen a little later, sounding more musical, and the timing is tempo dependant. ...AND MORE!


BB2016.438/Torrent downloaded from www.Demonoid.pw.txt (0.05 kB)
BB2016.438/bandinabox_realband_2012_5_full.exe (318.4 MB)
BB2016.438/bandinabox_realband_2016_pluspak.exe (252.6 MB)
BB2016.438/crack/RealBand.exe (15.93 MB)
BB2016.438/crack/bbw.exe (15.82 MB)
BB2016.438/crack/readme.pdf (12.41 kB)
BB2016.438/readme.pdf (12.41 kB)
BB2016.438/update/bb2016_update_build438.exe (106.2 MB)
BB2016.438/update/realband_2016_update_build10.exe (35.40 MB)


| |--Torrent downloaded from www.Demonoid.pw.txt (0.05 kB)
| |--bandinabox_realband_2012_5_full.exe (318.4 MB)
| |--bandinabox_realband_2016_pluspak.exe (252.6 MB)
| |--crack
| | |--RealBand.exe (15.93 MB)
| | |--bbw.exe (15.82 MB)
| | |--readme.pdf (12.41 kB)
| |--readme.pdf (12.41 kB)
| |--update
| | |--bb2016_update_build438.exe (106.2 MB)
| | |--realband_2016_update_build10.exe (35.40 MB)

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