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NameAcoustica Mixcraft v8.0 Build 375 (x86.x64)
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Created on2017-01-31 23:54:15
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Name: Mixcraft 
Version: 8.0 Build 375
Released: February 1st, 2017
Developer: Acoustica Inc
OS Version: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 (64-bit) / 8 / 8 (64-bit) / 10 / 10 (64-bit)
System Requirements:
・1.5 GHz CPU (Dual Core or higher recommended)
・1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
・Sound Card
・USB, or Firewire sound device
Powerful multitrack recording studio with a multitude of effects, an integrated mixer, a guitar tuner, a metronome and other tools to help you create your own sounds
Mixcraft is an audio multi-track recording application that also works as a host for virtual instruments or as a MIDI sequencer.
Music production has reached a whole new level since Mixcraft hit the market. It sports features that involve professional MIDI recording, automatic remixing, VST / DirectX effects, pitch shifting, time stretching and video sequencing.
The interface is very appealing, although amateurs may find a bit of a challenge in this respect. There are many options you can play with here, but knowledge in audio mastering is pretty much required.
Mixcraft is a music studio that bundles powerful instruments, amongst which we count pianos, drums, organ emulators and bass to name a few. These can be combined with the rich collection of effects for unique audio productions. The effect chains that you create can be saved for later use.
“Musical typing” is an option that lets you type the musical notes of each instrument, modify pitch, octave, and note. In addition, you can create various instrument setups and set parameters such as velocity sensitivity, transposition, volume for each of them individually.
Although it gained a reputation as a Digital Audio Wokstation, Mixcraft is also able to perform video editing; you can perform cross-fading operations and process the audio streams from a video clip in many ways: add new soundtracks, render existing ones, etc.
All in all, Mixcraft can make the day of any musician. Amateurs can also enjoy its perks, provided that they are ready to embark on a very long learning expedition.
What's new in Mixcraft 8.0 Build 375
● 374 would freeze on new 32 bit plugins while in 64 bit mode.
● Fix for serious routing tracks inst duplicate bug.
● Added bulletproofing around timer functions checking for new devices or freeing unused libraries.
● Changed ASIO buffer latency to show time for 1 buffer...instead of the 2 buffers it uses to avoid confusion.
● Fix for mixer panel where slider volume text did not resize.
● Patcher has v8 appropriate art.
● New Greek strings. Mmmm...Greek food.
● Fix for crash in Piano Roll.
● Fix for Melodyne visible when auto-beat matching crash.
● Increased performance for 32 bit plugins in 64 bit
● Fixed ASIO buffer size selection.
● Added bulletproofing for Melodyne issues
● Fix rendering sideways MP4s (pre windows 7)
● Bulletproofing for effect dialogs on closing project
● Fix crossfade after duplicating submix
● Fix instrument pan and volume settings for Alpha & Omni Samplers
● Master track volume was not controlling linked tracks
● Button state was not updated on instrument dialog when changes occurred
● Default Punch In/Out now reasonable value
● Fix for various drawing glitches
● Faster zooming when zoomed all the way in.
● Added Greek language which is 90% done


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