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GerbView is an advanced but easy to use application that enables you to 
view, print and convert Gerber, ODB++, Adobe PDF, Excellon and HPGL/2 
GerbView supports both RS-274D and RS-274X Gerber formats, and you can 
use it to convert your older Gerber files to the new RS-274X standard 
format. The new extended Gerber format contains embedded aperture 
information, and this minimizes the risk for errors during the 
manufacturing of the PCB. 
With GerbView's PDF to CAD capability you can convert your Adobe PDF 
files back to Gerber or Autodesk DXF.
GerbView Key Features
View, print, markup and convert Gerber, Adobe PDF, Excellon, HPGL/2 and raster formats.
Convert to AutoDesk DXF, Adobe PDF, AutoDesk DWF and other formats.
Convert multiple Gerber files to a multi layer PDF, DWF or DXF file. Read more about creating layered PDF files here.
Convert ODB++ to a layered PDF, or to individual files using Gerber (RS274-X), PDF, DXF, SVG or other formats.
Convert your PDF files to Gerber RS-274X, HPGL/2 or DXF.
Query for entity information in Gerber, HPGL/2 and Excellon files.
Measure distances, areas and perimeters, with our without snapping to pads and tracks.
Both metric and imperial units supported.
Highlight selected apertures in Gerber files.
Add files of different formats as layers.
Unlimited number of layers can be added to a workspace (only limited by memory).
Visibility of all loaded files can be set individually.
Invert negative Gerber layers (e.g. power-plane) to positive for correct display and conversion.
Rotate, mirror and scale layers.
Supports up to 1000 different apertures.
Rotate added files by any angle.
Copy a selected region to clipboard, and paste into another application.
User defined header and footer for printing.
Color or Black & White Printing.
Scaled print or fit to paper.
Mouse-controlled zoom in, zoom out, zoom area and panning.
Full mode print preview.
Poster mode for printing big format drawings on multiple sheets.
Print to all Windows supported plotter and printer devices.
Save whole Workspace or single files as raster files. Supported formats include:
TIFF , CALS, Adobe PDF, Windows BMP, PNG and JPEG.
Add markup using lines, text, rectangles, images, qr-codes, barcodes, symbols, polygons and more.
Markup elements are stored in a separate file.
Markup burn-in feature for converting markup elements to native Gerber data.
Ortho mode for fast drawing of horizontal and vertical markup lines.
Delete a selection of items from a Gerber file.
Command line conversion and printing. 
GerbView can open the following Formats:
Standard and extended Gerber formats, also known as RS-274D and RS-274X
Excellon Drill format
Adobe PDF (see note below)
AutoDesk DXF
1.Each file will be loaded as a layer - you can view, print and convert layers individually or combined.
2.PDF files that only contains raster, e.g.: scanned drawings, are not supported by GerbView.
GerbView can convert to the following Formats:
Gerber RS274X.
Autodesk DXF, multi-layer conversion supported.
Autodesk DWF, multi-layer conversion supported.
Adobe PDF, multi-layer conversion supported.
Adobe PDF/A, multi-layer conversion supported.
Adobe Postscript.
CGM Binary.
Windows Metafile.
Windows Enhanced Metafile.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
Windows BMP.
CALS Type 1.
The Multi-layer note means that you can load multiple Gerber files and convert to a single multi-layer file of the specific format.
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP, 32 and 64 bit.
Windows Vista, 32 and 64 bit.
Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit.
Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit.
Windows 8.1, 32 and 64 bit.
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Supports Terminal Server and Citrix. 
- Unrar with you favorite archiver, such as WinRar
- Install.
- Insert a very boring serial.
- Ok, It's Activated!

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