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Name: EarthView 
Version: 5.5.31
Released: January 18th, 2017
Developer: DeskSoft
OS Version: Windows All
System Requirements:
・100 MB of free disk space
・Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768x16 or highe
・Correct Windows time settings
・The date and time must be correct
・The time zone must be set correctly
・Automatic adjustment of clock for daylight saving changes must be enabled
Web Site: http://www.desksoft.com
Provides high-detail views of the Earth at day and night, which can be used either as a desktop wallpaper or a screensaver, with different maps and locations to choose from
EarthView is an application built specifically for generating desktop wallpapers and screensavers. This program animates your desktop by displaying beautiful images of the earth.
Although it bundles many configuration settings, the user interface is straightforward and you can easily navigate throughout the app.
The developer offers many tweaking options for configuring wallpapers and screen savers.
EarthView allows users to configure their wallpapers and screen savers by specifying the parameters for the multiple modes available: the day or night view, clouds, cities, background, and a smoothing style.
The day mode allows you to adjust the visibility and density of the urban areas, pick brightness, contrast and color, and adjust the brightness and size of the sunlight reflection. It is also possible to make several changes for the atmosphere mode by selecting thickness, refraction, outer and inner density and color.
The night view can be customized in terms of equatorial or Polar Regions, colorization, night lights and earth shadow.
It is also possible to activate the display of clouds ant to set the opacity of the cloud layer, density and the size of the clouds and intensity of the shadows cast on the earth surface by the clouds.
Another option activates the display of the cities with their local times. You can choose what cities should be displayed from a predefined list.
Moreover, you can change the background color of the program and choose optimized filtering for reducing pixilation.
The app provides a single map (seasonal) but you can download some more from their official website (photographic, realistic, artistic or scientific).
There are two projection types to choose from: map and globe and you can also select the viewpoint (e.g. random camera position, view from the sun).
You can make EarthView update at a specific time interval, use idle CPU time and low memory mode, start with Windows and many others.
To sum up, EarthView is a useful tool for generating desktop wallpapers and screensavers. It displays beautiful views of the earth and bundles many configuration settings.
What's new in EarthView 5.5.31
・New: updated timezone and city databases.


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