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NameActiveState Komodo IDE v9.2.1.87651 [deepstatus]
Size83.08 MB
Created on2015-09-12 07:29:22
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ActiveState Komodo IDE v9.2.1.87651 
Cross-Platform IDE for all your major languages,
including Python, PHP, Go, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, NodeJS, HTML, CSS,
Javascript, Actionscript, Ada, Apache, APDL, ASN1, Assembler,
AutoIt, Avenue, Baan, Bash, Batch, BlitzBasic, Bullant, C#,
C++, CLW, CMake, Cobol, Coffeescript, ConTeX, Csound, CSS,
Diff, Django, Eiffel, EJS, epMojo, Erlang, Errors, Escript,
Flagship, Forth, Fortran, Fortran 77, FreeBasic, Go, Gui4Cli,
Haskell, HLSL, HTML, HTML5, IDL, Ini, Java, Javascript, JSON,
Kix, Komodo Snippet, LaravelBlade, LaTeX, Less, Lisp, Lot, Lout,
Lua, Luddite, Makefile, Markdown, Mason, Matlab, Metapost, MMIXAL,
MSSQL, MXML, MySQL, Nimrod, nnCrontab, Node.js, Nsis,
Objective Caml, Octave, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL-SQL, Postscript,
POVRay, PowerBasic, PowerPro, PowerShell, PureBasic, Python,
Python3, REBOL, Regex, reStructuredText, RHTML, Ruby, Sass,
Scheme, scriptol, SCSS, Smalltalk, Smarty, SML, Sorcus,
Specman-E, SQL, TACL, TADS3, TAL, Tcl, TemplateToolkit, TeX,
Text, TracWiki, Twig, VBscript, Verilog, VHDL, VisualBasic,
What's new in Komodo IDE 9.2
Docker and Vagrant Integration: 
You can now interact with Docker and Vagrant using Commando
(under Commando > Shell).
Collaboration Overhaul: Collaboration has been given a significant
face-lift and is now a joy to work with! Code better with your teams
with our updated collab tool.
Real-time (in-line) spell checking: Komodo will now check your code for
spelling errors in real-time, and allow you to easily address spelling
errors right within the editor.
Package Installer: We are introducing an all new way to install addons,
color schemes, skins, keybindings, languages, etc. Simply by using Commando,
you can now install all your favourite "Packages" 
(previously called "Resources" or "Extensions").
EditorConfig Integration: Komodo now checks for .editorconfig files in your
path, you can read more about this here.
Focus Mode (aka Distraction Free Mode): Clean up your IDE: easily 
hide non-essential UI with a keystroke, you can read more about this here.
CSS3 Autocompletions: We already supported a ton of CSS3 in our
autocompletions, but thanks to Defman we now support all of CSS3.
Crisper UI: Particularly when using dark color schemes, the UI could feel
a little bit "fuzzy" in the past, but no longer is that the case!
A boatload of Commando enhancements and fixes, i mean alot!!
- Unrar with you favorite archiver, such as WinRar
- Install.
- copy .lic file into "%appdata%\ActiveState" dir.
- Ok, It's Activated!

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